Will midterm results impact small business optimism?

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Will midterm results impact small business optimism?
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Will midterm results impact small business optimism?
Small business optimism has been at a record high in recent months, the Democrats Small Business Association in the country. Now in the house, I’ve been deeply involved in the electoral process for that long. Wink scrutinize candidates for their small business funding records and we suggest candidates to intense questionnaire, so we probably endorsed around 50 candidates this year and many of them won reelection. How do they spell? How does your organization feel, how did your mom and pop business came out in October, and I think you know that the optimism index has been for the last 2 years? The president was elected will see how they feel about the election when we get our next. Are our main priority is to make sure that that’s small business tax cuz? It was adopted a year ago, but it remains permanent and then nothing happens to it, and I think that will be able to make a great case to the new Democrats, who run the house that that small business tax cut is inherently different and permanent. For the small business part of the economy, remember that we are happy economy where half the payroll and two out of every three new jobs is created by small business. So it looks forward to the opportunity dialogue with the new leadership in the house about exactly what that tax cut has done for Mom and Pops, and I think that they’re going to look at it as something that’s been inherently good. So we look forward to it. Thank you for having me
NFIB CEO Jaunita Duggan on small business sentiment about the U.S. economy.

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