Will Trump approve border deal to avert second shutdown?

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Will Trump approve border deal to avert second shutdown?
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Will Trump approve border deal to avert second shutdown?
Returning to one of our top stories right now, Congressional budget negotiators say they have an agreement to avoid another partial government shutdown over President Trump’s demand for a border wall include more than one 455 miles of border fencing, but no wall. It would also reduce the number of migrants and undocumented immigrants who can be held in detention. The question, of course, is whether the president will accept a proposal. Major Garrett has more say tremendous numbers of Lies. President Trump praised his long-promised border wall in El Paso, Texas, approved by Congress last year. As the president preached in El Paso reached an agreement in principle, Republican negotiators in Congress agreed to far less in border wall funding according to a congressional aide. The deal includes nearly 1.4 billion dollars for physical barriers, including 55 miles of border fencing, but no wall Democrats agree to drop their proposal to limit the number of detained immigrants caught in the United States find a bill that forces the mass release of violent criminals into Our country before this Friday’s deadline negotiator seemed optimistic. It’S at kill the president will sign, so we hope so also noted the previous shutdown the longest in US. History was worth it less than a quarter. Mile away former Congressman Beto O’Rourke, a potential Democratic 2020 Contender held a simultaneous counter rally. Renton crime in El Paso in the interior of the United States of America previously demanded 5.7 billion dollars for fencing. Accepting the steel mean that the White House didn’t gain anything from what the president called a blimp, that is, a 35-day shut down today, all the details of this agreement in principle that doesn’t mean, yes, importantly, it doesn’t mean no +. On the question of funding, glad the White House over the weekend made it pretty clear that it would accept whatever these Congressional negotiators came up in terms of wall or barrier funding, that it is essentially given up not just a request for the 5.7 billion dollars. But for anything in that General neighborhood, obviously, 1.3 billion dollars of 1.4 and 1/2 is a far cry from 5.7 billion White House is essentially treated a great distance from that original ask from President Trump and really what was stalling. The progress that had been noted late last week was this question about detention beds that seems to have been resolved yesterday and these negotiators glad we’re giving a lot of latitude by the White House. So there are no solid indications here. The present will sign it, but there are no solid indications. He will oppose it either and on the question of how much ground of the White House to give on border wall funding a lot. That also raises the question: will the president sign this deal and declare an emergency and try to find funds elsewhere to expedite accelerated construction of barriers along the southern border? So, as you say, major there are some negotiators that said that they are optimistic, that the president May sign this version of a funding bill that allows people he called violent criminals to be released into the country. I note also that Fox News host Sean Hannity said that this is a garbage compromising that any Republican who signs it you know, will have to answer to some of those folks that we saw at the rally and also yesterday getting the president’s base, and I know The president, I mean it’s been reported that he does from time to time to talk to Sean Hannity and others who are not within the government. Who has his finger on the pulse of the base and not sign it, or will he go with what the Congressional Republicans and those negotiations still say is the best path for the country on talk radio and who represent the immigration Hardline section of the Republican Party? Could sway the president there’s no question about that? That’S happened before it could happen again. Double things that argue against. That is there’s no other alternative right now wants to own another shut down. Now that this issue about detention beds has been resolved, then, if there’s another shutdown, it would probably fall principally on the president shoulders. Does he want to bear that burden want to bear that burden? There’S no sense at all here at the White House on Capitol Hill. The Republicans have any appetite for another shutdown. So, yes, the president will get criticism and immigration. Hardliners in Congress have already criticized this deal, but it’s the only deal going and in Washington when you have one alternative and no others least legislatively. You typically sign what is presented and the White House did give these negotiators lots of space and save this the place to resolve all of these underlined questions, so the White House has essentially given this process its backing and the process is not reach the conclusion. So the White House is under pressure to sign that which it is given backing to this negotiated legislative process and again why we should keep in mind present, could do both things sign this and say you know what I’m going to use some emergency deck powers to Declare that there is enough of a problem on the southern border and use military fines or Auntie drug or drug Pontius allocated by Congress to combat the flow of drugs to find some other money to expedite or accelerate construction of wall. Berries both are possible for the last couple of weeks about this very battle, but I just want a big picture of you for audience and while I have you here till it’s talk to you about a little bit about history, it’s clear that immigration is going to Be a focal point of a presidential primaries and leading up to the election members of Congress who were there free 911? When President George, W bush came, I guess, as close as we’ve ever come to fixing our immigration problems in this country, could this all of it of what it had both sides of the aisle come together at that moment, that was 9-11, that was 2006/2007 after 9/11, And yes, the bush White House went to Great Lengths and passed the bill in the Senate. It was defeated by Republican, hard diners in the house. That was as close as we’ve come there been attempts with fits and starts to put that fragile bipartisan compromise back together. Again during the Obama Administration, that was a no but President, Bush did not have the clout within his own party to make it a reality. Present Obama was frustrated as well by the inability to bring all sides together. What may be revealed by the entire process flat? Is that, even if you have someone with the rhetoric of Donald Trump and a national election that vaulted him into the presidency and a republican house and a Republican Senate, you still can’t achieve in dollar amounts that what you promised to pursue in terms of border wall? Construction that may be the biggest historical take away from this. That someone who spoke about should have the necessity, the imperative of a wall and it’s dark as terms as Donald Trump did as a candid to some ears. A if not racist, a racialist tone of voice and kind of rhetoric and then win and then have the Republicans controlling both Chambers, and you still can’t get it and all you can do – is make incremental progress toward doing what was already there in the first place. Rhian fence fencing certain areas of the Border, then the bigger takeaway. Maybe this is not what the country wants and whatever the votes did show up in that 2016 election, indicative of a title chipped in America, attitudes and political attitudes about border security, and that in the end where we always have it with lots of unresolved interior border Security issues and immigration, hassles and Antiquated system. Everyone agrees on that. The Trump approach was to say will solve the border security question then get to all the other things will. Maybe the border security question has been solved. This is about as much as a political legislative process can handle, and then you got to work on all the other things in the end may be the biggest takeaway. This is why I love chatting with you major and yes, you, I meant post 911, but you thank you for correcting me on that. You know what I was today is Major 20 years today. Tell me yeah, I’m actually happened. So there was all right if we say
Congressional negotiators reached an agreement in principle to fund the government past Friday’s deadline and avoid a second government shutdown over President Trump’s demand for a border wall. CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett discusses whether the president is likely to support it.

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