Will ‘Trump Effect’ translate to midterm elections?

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Will ‘Trump Effect’ translate to midterm elections?
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president Trump taking his America first message on the road in less than 2 hours from now he’s going to be firing up the crowd and Tampa Florida to drum up support for gubernatorial candidate Congressman Ron DeSantis how to turn around in the polls after Trump endorsed him this and this is getting a lot of attention for this funny Pro Trump campaign ad everyone knows my husband Ron DeSantis is endorsed by President Trump please also an amazing dad Ron loves playing build the wall stories mr. Trump said you’re fired I love that part again so much more big-league so good I just thought you should know supported F1 9 out of the last 10 contested races including all primaries the question is will Democrats be able to stop this momentum in the midterms all these big Rally’s is very entertaining and he sucks up a lot of the oxygen dominates the local media Market any raises a lot of money is funny out there does that something the Democrats look at in fear or do they want Trump Spotlight I think they welcome to end in fact you know so that you talk about the streak that Trump has I want to go back to Abe Lincoln because Trump says he is more popular among Republicans than Abe Lincoln and Jesse even for you I think that’s it might try to save I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know we have to go back and see if we can find a pole for a blink and more popular probably so I think that the what goes on here is we’ve come into the era of the Trump Republican cope everything Trump trump backs a candidate Trump candidate Millie takes off even in this case where there was a really quite popular Republic running a guy who’s been elected for 21 years in the State of Florida veteran all of a sudden the Santa shows up on Fox a lot and then gets endorsed by a trump tweet and he’s the candidate and his numbers jump but I think it’s really telling these guys aren’t running on the economy they’re not running on tax cuts they’re running on antiinmigrante fervor they’re running on things like putting down the NFL players so this is what we’ve got I think fine I think Democrats no you look at Virginia and that gubernatorial race you look at the Alabama Senate race you look at Pennsylvania 18th this is not Trump’s time not when it gets the general he might dominate in the primary but not on the what do you think interesting because the 2018 midterms are being fought in two totally different Battlegrounds and both can be seen in Florida where the president will be tonight so one of them would be the congressman Carlos curbelo he’s a respected member of Congress but he is probably the most endangered Republican Miami from president Trump and so there’s that one okay so present Market but still he goes after contrast that with Rick Scott who’s running for the Senate he’s currently the governor he wants to beat Bill Nelson for that Senate seats and he is unabashedly pro make America great again and he is opinion polls so you have these two things where Scott needs him and curbelo need to distance himself from him end up winning that strategies but it does show the power and the threat of President Trump where Donald Trump is unpopular but the fact that he got he got elected and despite that unpopularity just underscored I think a very important thing that gets it gets missed a lot and that is for all the excitement and weirdness of the 2016 election it was all about issues a lot of people came out in voting for Trump they didn’t like him and they didn’t like some stuff he did but they cared about it it’s not antiinmigrante fervor and they cared about illegal immigration they cared about Trey and they cared about the economy and they said on these issues I think this guy if he may not be somebody want to invite to my tea party or or have a beer with or whatever although I can’t imagine any true American not wanting to have a beer with Donald Trump they trusted him on those issues and he was talking about issues that these people had Republicans and Democrats are both seated and you take a guy like Adam Putnam in Florida who was a very popular politician from there the fact that he was in Washington so long because he hasn’t been bringing up these issues and Trump slashes in and brings all up all these issues that were not supposed to be thinking about what you’re saying just give me a second we can’t wait to hear your point I just wanted to report Charlie while I had the money when you think about Republican party stances I would think about free-trade right I would think about being open to immigration as be part of the history so I think we we made the Republican Party into the image of Donald Trump if the Democrats are just rabbit and they come out so strong and just overwhelm Republicans or the trade issue because if he doesn’t score Tradewinds between now and November a lot of the white working-class voters are affected by the free trade situation right now I’m a stay-home local issue and midterm elections are all about turnouts when we talked about President Trump going to Florida having this rally so Katie was reporting there earlier saying that people camped out overnight they’re excited to be there they’re going to be people there to support him the Santa is accused of being in Washington for far too long but he can make the argument that he’s going to be a candidate like Donald Trump done since he’s going to keep his promises if he wins the governorship and he can a governor like an exact the president has a number of issues and you can take the Trump platform with illegal immigration law and order tax cuts deregulation and apply them in a local said so in that perspective he may have some are the president and I’m a little bit of a broken record on it because I don’t think I have gotten the message and that is the registering of new voters because the Democrats are really good at it they’re super organized with it about it and Republicans need to do the same these people really like this that’s the thing so you got to find the new voters where can you find that usually enthusiastic voters and so that’s why you felt like a Virginia Gillespie has more Republic for now than ever in the history of the states and he loses by nine points if you look at the total electric 12% of those voters in Virginia had never voted in a gubernatorial election before you got to try to find a new voters for the Democrats are definitely Congressional race for many different reasons and congratulations are far more specific on issues than governorship with me and we’re looking at the Trump rally Charlie what do you think he’s going to say tonight one of these every 2 to 3 weeks this year is there going to be new material is it going to be the same old razzle-dazzle what do you expect for I think there will be some new material but I also think that one of the really appealing things about about Trump all along is the city is actually brought in new voters people that haven’t voted before or that have been apathetic about the switch a couple of guys in that had never took them and they’ve never voted before Donald Trump and said the night before they listen to on the radio and that I think under any where you he was he was running this very different campaign is a very hopeful campaign unlike the 2012 campaign about politics Charlie mr. Gutfeld America’s watching two movies and it’s not the same movie what you’re talking about is the Trump activates the Democratic base in a big way that’s why that’s that enthusiasm and if you look at the overall poll numbers right now remember for a while people sing always at 45 that’s the highest I’ve ever been he’s now starting to go bad down and his disapproval rating still 50 something percent so is we talked about the different races I think you have to understand that maybe the Trump movie for a lot of people is playing at cuz he’s very entertaining you said he’s very funny website for the Trump voters the movies and action thriller and for the Democrats a horror flick Matrix machine in the seats in 2006 and 2000 leaving about 20 to 30 seats or something like that generic Congressional ballot had Democrats up 13 to 15 points going in now they’re only up about 7 points so it’s really that’s not going to be enough for them to pick up enough seats in the House to retake it in the president’s going to be extremely involved in flying all around the country he said he’s going to be on the road 6 to 7 days a week campaigning but they’re saying as we have to make sure we keep the house in order to make sure the agenda moves for long-term and so Democrats don’t move forward with friends numbers may be upside down but you know who’s are even more Upside Down Nancy Pelosi and I think that will start seeing Maxine Waters getting pulled those those people have been running campaigns against them for a long time and they’re still doing it so that’s it but that’s the Fear Factor so you asked you know will we see new stuff at the campaign tonight at the campaign rally in Florida I suspect it’ll be the same old stuff about immigrants right it’ll be about Nate this is my Dana Perino moment I keep saying this and you guys don’t listen but he wants to cut legal immigration in this country
Republican candidates have benefited from being backed by the president, but Trump is facing a much larger political hurdle in November; reaction analysis on ‘The Five.’

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