Wilson-Raybould now says she was contacted by RCMP | Power & Politics

Wilson-Raybould now says she was contacted by RCMP | Power & Politics
Wilson-Raybould now says she was contacted by RCMP | Power & Politics
Begin the show tonight with that breaking news, Jody wilson-raybould says the RCMP have spoken to her regarding the snc-lavalin controversy on our program last night, the to make it apparent that they are seriously looking at launching an investigation into the prime minister’s actions based on the ethics Commissioners reports have you been contacted by today, but I leave any potential investigation in their capable hands will take appropriate actions as required. I’M just wondering how they reached out to you at all. In this they haven’t reached out to me on the snow Power & politics, obtained this statement from Jody wilson-raybould. It reads to clarify my answer from yesterday: RCMP had contacted me in response to the ethics Commissioners report and specifically since the rcmp’s public statement yesterday.. The answer is no, however, and after clarifying with the RCMP, I can confirm that I was contacted by them this past spring. Regarding matters that first came to the Public’s attention on February 7th 2019 in a Globe and Mail. Article goes on to say, I will make no further statement regarding the content of my discussions and Communications with the RCMP. So what does that all mean from where I’m joined by Chris Halsey National Affairs, editor and host of ABC radio show host investigation going on now? We don’t know from the RCMP. They refused further comment to us today, Catherine Tony or collie contacting them about whatever contactor have been whatever investigation might be ongoing, so we’re left with under the section of the conflict of interest tax, section 49. We know that an Ethics commissioner is not allowed to continue with their own probe if there is a police investigation or if there was reason to believe that there is an investigation, criminal charges. Temple win. Austin was looking into Nigel Wright’s involvement in the paying the expenses of Mike Duffy. She announced that she was suspending because he RCMP was investigating Mike Duffy. There was no suspension. Can penile head did reach out at some point earlier this year to Jody wilson-raybould? It related to the first stories that tell diploma Mill broke about the improper interference. So what did they ask her? What did they say to her? We don’t know, but we do know that they couldn’t have done much, because the RCMP, I guess it couldn’t have continued. His investigation of there was an active RCMP probe to say this is all precipitated by the opposition saying there should be in nursing to investigation after the release of that report, available information will take appropriate actions as report and that’s where the Peter interest was important enough To clarify the record, to the extent that they felt they could by saying no, we are going to be looking at the report, but it doesn’t tell us what they did beforehand and why they felt it was important to talk to Jody wilson-raybould. Also ask a question: beyond the house tomorrow, I asked you about about some of the surprises she had found as Jody wilson-raybould it about the number of connections between snc-lavalin officials in the prime minister’s office, whether she had actually raised any of these concerns with the RCMP And she had not. We talk to her again briefly one of her assistants today and she confirmed it. She has not spoken to the RCMP so position. She wasn’t directly involved in about what might have transpired in terms of the pressure on Jody wilson-raybould by members of the prime minister’s office. Wilson now says I guess I was contacted. We still don’t know what precisely why, what they ask her, we do and we can assume, I think, based on what the conflict of interest access have you seen to see other people involved in this if they were contacted now, that’s a nice temperature. Alright, thank you. I appreciate the CDC is Chris Hall welcome back bring yesterday. She said she hadn’t been in the wake of the ethics Commissioners report, but she clarifies that answered. So what does this tell us about the likelihood that the mounties will look into it or have Friday rather power panel in Montreal Mari Patrick, win is a columnist with the Montreal Gazette in here with me, and Auto near Robinson, is with the Canadian press in my City the statement that Jody wilson-raybould I mean what I had asked for yesterday was a weather DRC. If you had contacted her, she interpreted that to mean regarding the ethics commissioner, following the release of the report, because the opposition had essentially renewed their call. In wake of that report for an RCMP investigation, she said no, she hadn’t, but she had back in the spring. We don’t know Aaron the details of that conversation or I guess what came of it. For certain I mean we do know that she had a depending on the exact timing. You know she did go to Committee in February and was asked by Elizabeth Mayweather. She thought any crimes have been committed and she said no. So for all we know. I had also asked her if those statements done today, interview and she said, based on the relevant information she has. She also still believe nothing illegal happen. How much more consideration did they give this? We know that they didn’t talk to me when I P ammo today. Talk to anyone else around Jody wilson-raybould, it’s hard to know whether they they it’s conceivable that they went and talked my balls and then said. Let it go at least allow for the possibility that they looked at the commissioner’s report this week and decided there was maybe in further grounds for it’s just it’s really it’s hard to know, but of course, at the end of the day, you know if you’re, the Liberals, you don’t want RCMP in the headline really and there’s a fair bit of History here, going back to 2005, when the RCMP and the Liberals, it arguably turned that election. Isn’T this isn’t really resolved one way or the other in the next 2 weeks and they have to go the campaign with this is sort of an open question about whether the RCMP is looking into them. Catherine other media Outlets, as well with sort of different than usual no comment, usually the only comment with fringes of being laid. Instead, they said that they were examining the matter carefully with all available information and will take appropriate actions as required. Absolutely everyone. Okay, that’s a little bit. What does that mean us interpret that, but that they were investigating income Preston and and whatnot? They were told. The public complaint commission from the RCMP said a couple years later that he thinks it’s had an impact on the election and then he doesn’t think the RCMP should be released. Tell me a fact, and then, of course, we also know that the election in the United States had it. So we know that there have there are impact and so pretty RCMP to pay more than they usually do. This close to an election. Definitely Peach a lot of interest and it’s certainly not with the Liberals wanted to hear. They also don’t want the RCMP to come out, let’s say September 20th, and they will. We are investigating cuz. Even if 6 weeks later they say we found nothing. The people, you know the whole guilty guilty public opinion about the way in which each party can frame this right, and if the opposition is able to say even the Spectre of an RCMP investigation as possible and there’s more than just a hint of it. Even though we know we don’t know that to be true, I mean there is there potential damage just in that the greens excetera have more ammunition today than they did no 72 hours ago. The one thing I would say that both charges Serta follow the logic the RCMP, as mrs. wilson-raybould said, I had contacted with the time, and I would I would lead me to believe that they had the general gist of exactly what was going on within. You know. Between Josie Jody wilson-raybould office, the pmo – I mean you name it – the finance minister of the treasury board excetera to all the pressure that would be put on her either through her or by reading a newspaper report this week, while damning doesn’t really straight from that narrative. It the only thing it does is it puts more meat on it. It’S a really hammers home. The fact that the point to what the extent the government wanted to wanted her to change her mind on this. So if if there was necessarily going to be charges laid now, I don’t think I guess they are, the new government might be an investigative Mr Troodon might be investigated. I don’t think the report, as as it is necessarily change that one way or another, because I think a lot of the facts already on the table earlier this week. If you think a lot has broken, which one is it and one of the ones they point to is obstruction of justice with a used to before the only thing this report adds to in that context, has this idea that the ethics Commission, but he wasn’t able To get the information that he asked for from the quiz nine Witnesses, he said who said that the info they had was relevant but covered by cabinet confidence. That confidence wasn’t waived by the clerk of the privy Council and then an order in council was introduced by the prime minister in order to waive those that, from from those conversations with that seems to be what the opposition’s point right now. I don’t know whether you know I don’t know that the opposition is is looking at this from illegal scholarly background and deciding whether or not they want to pursue specific Avenue. I think they are just doing everything possible to keep this story in the news. Not of course, that I would ever suggest that a committee meeting would be called for cynical reasons. I do at this point. This is just let’s keep the story going for as long as possible in every way we can and then we’ll see if we hit something you know. If memory serves this, the the ethics commission was first written to with a recommendation that he should pursue. One part of the conflict of interest act and actually eat, ended up deciding out to different part of the company. The opposition’s job in this point isn’t isn’t to figure out specifically which law has been broken or we’re not it’s it’s to just point to as many things as possible and see what happens and that I think it’s basically what you’re saying right now give to them Back in the headlines I mean when this was sort of the Relentless coverage of this back in February and March, I mean for long days for everybody and that’s when you finally started to see a significant drop in Liberal support. People were paying attention, they were watching and then it kind of another things are happening and things started to change in Fort about freefall seem to stop and things changed for the liberal. Well now they have it back in the headlines. I said many times this week. I can guarantee you, the Liberals are very happy that it just had to come out. They wanted it now and not a month from now Witcher Reddit was coming, but coming out now me. Not only is it before the election it’s time to throw to recover from whatever hits they might take in the middle. Obviously, there’s still something to come, and the opposition was happy that this brings it back in the house. We are the definition of inside baseball. The four of us right now as most upon the class and was the journalist class, because this is the stuff that fascinates us doesn’t Fascinate candidate Canadiens right now, where that changes as well as everybody has said, is that when you put the words RCMP into it And that’s where that’s where it: it shifts gears for everyone, because that’s that that mean that is an extremely extremely damning and it does not look in the campaign. It’S exactly why apologize! That’S at the that is a campaign catchphrase, an embryo you’re, going to be hearing a lot more that I refused. I refuse to apologize for trying to save Canadian jobs you’re going to hear that ad nauseam like that, wouldn’t be surprised if they make, because that is the strongest thing to have coming out of the news channel or click the link for another video. Thanks for watching
Former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould is clarifying an earlier statement that she had not heard from Mounties. She now says she was contacted by the RCMP in the spring over the SNC-Lavalin affair.
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