Wilson-Raybould speaks out on Trudeau ethics report and SNC-Lavalin

Wilson-Raybould speaks out on Trudeau ethics report and SNC-Lavalin
Wilson-Raybould speaks out on Trudeau ethics report and SNC-Lavalin
Vindicated for her, she didn’t know how the firm’s lobbying campaign was. Nor did she know about the legal opinions it quietly gathered from former Supreme Court Justices as a way to bolster its case. That came as a great surprise to me. I think, and I had no knowledge of either she says it’s time for the prime minister to say Story. The commissioner says: Justin Trudeau broke the conflict-of-interest act by flagrantly attempting to bend the wheel of his former attorney generals in a bid to Grand snc-lavalin video of sorts to escape criminal prosecution. These are the kinds of things for which Canadian want an apology. I believe Canadians jobs, because that’s my job election Reddy cabinet ministers from coast to coast dutifully stood by their leader today.. I personally have full confidence. The Prime Minister, ministered was doing was protecting jobs, and I appreciate that for his own actions. Canadians will hold him responsible on October 21st to investigate wilson-raybould earlier comment that she believes nothing Criminal happens based on what she knows, but she admits she doesn’t have the full picture. I leave it to the RCMP police to determine if there’s other relevant information, that’s pertinent to the question who are the Commissioners report further and have called an emergency meeting of the Ethics Committee for next Wednesday to try and start that process? Katie Simpson CBC News Ottawa surprised that how aggressively snc-lavalin Lobby the government to avoid a criminal trial – and she spoke more about that with vassy kapelos on CBC News, Network’s Power & politics, level of Engagement. Well, I ate. I was aware that there were meetings. I didn’t know the nature of those meetings or or what was said. I had discussions with former colleagues of mine that had a said they had had conversations, but the nature of those conversations and the detail of those conversations that was not made available to me continue to reiterate that was his motivation. Do you think that his motivation was different than that and if so, what was it? So I can speak to the motivation of the Prime Minister. I’Ve heard him speak about jobs, and I don’t think anybody Sabrina jobs are incredibly important to Canadians until elected officials to ensure we do everything we can for Canadians to have good well-paying job. We all agree on that. The issue here and what was reflected in the michener’s report is around our institutions of governments around ensuring that we uphold their independence and uphold the rule of law. That was what I was doing in my roll. Then, as the Attorney General, I believe that’s what Canadians care about and we’ll take. If there’s lessons to be taken from this, some eight months that we’ve been having this conversation is that we all must remain Vigilant. We all role to play in ensuring our institutions, the fundamental tenets of our democracy, are of hell public today. Will she has everything to gain by talking about this first and foremost, because the ethics commissioner, essentially corroborated everything she said, happened? He said that, yes, the pressure applied to her was unduly applied and that it was to further the private in the vecency. That’S what she’s claimed all along so she says and she’s used the word she feels Vindicated. The other thing is you got to look at this through the election lens? She is in a competitive riding she’s, an independent, any kind of sort of higher-profile for her. It’S a good thing right now and contrast that, with the Prime Minister I mean who, whose in a very different situation, there is still two months out from the election. I know it feels like it it’s tomorrow, but a lot of things can happen in those two months and I think there are. There is a potential for it to damage his brand, but we just don’t know right now. If that will certainly the case in this election Andrew in Ottowa, the Prime Minister of Defense, in all of this, has been that he was standing up for Canadians, but thousands of snc-lavalin jobs are on. The line is involved, billions of dollars of projects in Canada, from Bridges to hospitals, to Subway Lines, and if the engineering firm is successfully prosecuted for fraud and corruption in a case going back well over a decade, it’ll be barred from bidding on contract for 10 years. So the stakes for a company with 9,000 employees in Canada are high.
Former justice minister and attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould says the prime minister owes Canadians an apology. Wilson-Raybould told CBC News that the ethics report from Mario Dion proves that partisanship and powerful special interests are a big problem in Trudeau’s government.

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