Winners and losers of the MLB trade deadline

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Winners and losers of the MLB trade deadline
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what team was the Pittsburgh Pirates I’m a stun Everybody by making her move or Chris Archer Visit TV when they’re in the race most years either State Pat or dump guys for them to trade away to other top prospects Play Rise by you feel best for Nebraska doors are up there by st. Louis Dodgers I mean he goes from The A-Team going nowhere in the Minnesota and now right in the heart of the division race in the National League what’s the message we think too much and working a trade Jacob degrom or no attended garvey’s out to do some little things been at least traded Zack Wheeler get absolutely nothing Baltimore Baltimore says 35 million dollars today I still do Matt Harvey makes a lot of sense for them to think it was a disconnect between I’m available it’s like you didn’t want to move them sounds like ownership I’ve been off for it I’ve seen the most disappointing team in all of baseball no ones that are cheap and like these guys I thought it would be catastrophic alone to a train Bryce Harper
USA TODAY Sports’ Bob Nightengale breaks down how players and teams fared at the MLB trade deadline

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