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Britain’s city of culture last year to meet one of the country’s most colorful and controversial lottery winners this looks Impossible by the Thompson from the BBC tell me what my homepage how to check it and keep checking it in December last year Melissa bought a scratch card wasn’t sweating from impound life is hard isn’t it very very difficult just to get by that piff Carmen was one of Melissa’s closest colleagues at work it was everyone I’m treating some of the clothes sinuses while and finally some good holiday I pooped that it can happen to anybody because if I was 10 minutes late living in a run-down rented bedroom when the house of their dreams came up the sale and it was accepted wouldn’t allow you to buy that house I don’t know I’m outside everything even though you got the money be found in search of the supernatural up at Spirits can you please show your presence can you make one of the lights plus is there any Spirits in this room with that would like to speak to anybody in spoon please can you get SSI move the ball on the table took somebody on the shoulder there are some downsides to winning a fortune what are the problems with winning amounts of money is because you are now a millionaire it wasn’t a question it was the question and it was just before I have a few days lottery winnings Melissa will be able to take her hobby even further stick equipment after 15 years working nights at the taxi driver but it said was used to getting by on very little sleep even though she spent all night ghost hunting that won’t stop Melissa going pumping later she want something new so it’s time to spend some money are you in something later on tonight a surprising what you can find and set designer for something 4 million quid you still looking to backup organ if I mean issue with those I’m being very very careful with my money because I think in life when you have something you Lance about you things in life these days Melissa results with the best celebrity and how social media plenty of support and criticism I actually care about me truly believe it’s how you feeling inside not what you look on the outside and that’s that’s how I the lottery Melissa decided she needed a makeover years of taking hormones and divided into tank when she worked in the taxi business of course the serious damage she can finally the fixer the customer doesn’t bring happiness and tell you Life Moe
Winning the lottery is a dream which is becoming ever more common around the world as jackpots get bigger and lotteries more numerous. But does money really make us happier?
The BBC’s Mike Thomson endeavors to find out.
In this film Mike travels to Hull in the north-east of England to meet Melissa Ede

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