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what investigation into money and happiness text me now to the french-speaking province of Quebec in Canada and this is the photo it’s true I’m the winners do 7 year old lottery winner Rachel LaPierre lives in the town of Center Road near Montreal Rachel in 2013 but shows payments for Life instead every week $10 that’s around 800 US Dollars Rachel a full night Miss Quebec has tasted riches before but having one of Fortune that most people can only dream or she’s now giving it all away you don’t have anything arrive in life and when you go you going with nothing you know so but you going with your memories you’re going with what you did here in life big I give that to her last week Rachel uses her Lottery Win to Frontera in charity running this has letter with less money the full the Rachel believes that by living her dream she’s richer than ever so you can see over there so they don’t have any chores they don’t have bags we just try to promote good eat so I could eat it can be so many things it’s going to be a bike today it’s can be food is can be transport to go to the hospital is can we just leave somebody on the phone because they’re so lonely so I can be so many things this is Heidi helping internationally Not Just 2 antenna to do what we we have to see a people I mean we are the one man who needs our help and Saturday all he’s really sick Marshall song with my kids then I just lost my job what we going to do is see you agree we going to bring you a grocery today this isn’t looking Neighbourhood but just around the corner a man is living in what used to be his Carriage before his house burned down yeah little better than most days coffee was a successful businessman but then everything changed soon after his company went bust he became seriously ill and a fire destroyed his home nice circulation I lost the kidney and my kidneys shut down my brother told Rachel found hobby he was struggling to survive the freezing Canadian winter in this makeshift cabin haven’t had a hot shower a month and I have a good news today this week two persons going to come to do the ties and in the bathroom so I’m happy MLP my pleasure my pleasure anybody for anything ever I never have to I was blown away I got to tell you I really was I didn’t show it because I’m not that type of person but I would say yeah prayer in the NSI sure we will find you something to do to keep you busy because I think you have a lot of experience and anyway many things and I thank you you can share that experience with the others because I think you will be feels better if you even can do something in your day so we will work on that to try to find something interesting to make you really happy you deserve it you’re a good man at 2 never end that day something I had that feeling I have to buy the tickets because I was already helping people little bit but I was working I have my kids I said if I win this is James is going to be like for me like a salary in my mind I was thinking I have to do live working on your side I was sure about that so I just coming like to confirm okay you wouldn’t you were right Rachel grew up in a poor neighborhood of Montreal but she was soon to leave that behind what’s resume with your your witness Miss go back in 1982 and I was sure I couldn’t be missed give it its make me realize everything is possible after being crowned Miss Quebec Rachel didn’t rest on my Laurels modeling agency and our wealth began to grow long before Rachel Wonder of three she discovered that money alone would not bring her happiness so she swapped her luxury lifestyle for the dedicated down-to-earth world of an emergency nurse I think happiness coming from the heart okay so it’s nice to have a new car and you home and you everything you know it’s going to be really fun I would just time I just realized maybe you need to get to be balanced winner like Rachel might be a little too saccharine and prone to patronize those she helps is aluminum Rachel seems to have proved the theory that money definitely can make you happy provided you get away that it seems everyone’s a winner
Winning the lottery is a dream which is becoming ever more common around the world as jackpots get bigger and lotteries more numerous. But does money really make us happier?
The BBC’s Mike Thomson endeavors to find out.
In this film Mike travels to Saint-Jérôme in Quebec to meet Rebecca Lapierre.

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