Winning it Big: Movie writer to a Movie Mogul – BBC News

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Winning it Big: Movie writer to a Movie Mogul – BBC News
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While most of the world’s biggest luxury Windsor in North America and Europe that hasn’t stopped jackpot fever taking hold in Africa in the steamy bush I was driving from Ghana’s Second City, messy it’s turned a once Penny this movie writer into last year 25 year old Quan replace the pit on the scores of 15 matches being played around the world get them alright and he’d be in the money, then came through and I was confused I was thinking is this real or not call me had $1,000 quit jumping all over the place and we were running having them into music and films action movie but has already made a trailer for it kwame’s life before winning the lottery was very far away from the Hollywood dream Donna’s economy is growing but much of this well get used to a minority of the pump quality between the rich and the poor is greater than ever too many people in Ghana winning the lottery is that really hope of making it out of property returned off the road Slaton area where you can smell the open-source better than ormus holes in the road and get to come the memories I get when I come here for a visit with his friends childhood friends those that I know leaving in a really nice definition poetry slam if you would risk spending the little they have a lottery tickets only a true optimist would take that Gamble tell me about this house what made you decide to buy this what was it that you liked my mom loved that I want a very small house with their very small pool I was thinking like that young guys how we think but my mom said no we needed a bigger house Courtney’s parents Brazilian forstein advised him how to spend his new-found wealth so they called me I have to stay with them take variable case I should listen to the Kwame realized that he needed help from his parents Chevy Austin to authorize any large checks he might want to write his parents say they want their son to use money to secure his own future and kwami has some very big ambitions average in Midvale somebody so much as more than that I just want to make a huge difference I just want to put my name in stray
Winning the lottery is a dream which is becoming ever more common around the world as jackpots get bigger and lotteries more numerous. But does money really make us happier?
The BBC’s Mike Thomson endeavors to find out.
In this film Mike travels to Kumasi in central Ghana to meet Kwame Fosuhene.

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