Winnipeg man recalls fighting and surviving a bear attack

Winnipeg man recalls fighting and surviving a bear attack
Winnipeg man recalls fighting and surviving a bear attack
It was a fight for his life. I want a big man was attacked by a black bear near Kenora Last Week. Tonight, cities Mike Arsenault has more on how he managed to fight the bear and escape to Stacy and a warning. The story contains some graphic images. Schwab is grateful to be alive. The 69 year-old is an experienced hiker who was walking near his cabin Northwest of Kenora. He noticed a black bear in the bushes. The bear noticed him. He says that’s when the bear attacked me and latched onto MiFi just kind of crunch down on it cuz. I don’t know why. I took my thumbs down. I saw a spot under here. I just pushed Schwab, uses free leg to kick the bear off him Schwab. Now suffering from two bear bites begin to backpedal towards his cabin, but then he came at me again and this time and I am again Bransford a group of contractors who were working on Trump’s cabin heard him and drove down the road to help suffered muscle damage From animals and how I’m grateful Anthony live TV news,
A 69-year-old Winnipeg man says he’s grateful to be alive after fending off a black bear attack in Kenora that left him with deep wounds.

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