Woman claims gender discrimination after barber refuses to cut her hair

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Woman claims gender discrimination after barber refuses to cut her hair
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Stratford woman says she was discriminated against because of her gender this after she was refused a haircut at a Waterloo Barber Shop the Shop’s owner maintains it wasn’t discrimination saying he never cut a woman’s hair before Tyler caliber is following this story for us tonight Tyler you heard both sides of the question is does what happened at the shop constituted human rights violation discrimination is unintentional which could be a factor in this case I could still be considered a human rights violation location to Cincinnati in 71 nearly 50 years Joseph Nelly has been cutting hair at this Waterloo barber shop and all this time he says he’s never cut a woman’s hair year old that cut to the core of Erica Croft immediately said no no we don’t do women’s hair here we don’t do women’s hair I can’t cut your hair I thought it was a joke cross the hairstylist herself since she walked out of the shop disgusted a little bit angry but more shot and hurt I’ve never been refused to ever refuse to hair because she’s a woman I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to refuse People based on their gender human rights lawyer Sherilyn app says there have been similar cases like this across the country and even if accidental a person cannot be discriminated against based on age race or gender is not the test the test is the effect of the conducts effect on the person is is what is going to be looked at it was scary and it was upsetting the shop meant no harm and says they refused other women in the past with no issue with you got to be very very careful but siding the recent me-too movement as another reason his staff isn’t comfortable cutting women’s hair sometimes called termination is she got offended I apologize to her it’s all I can do is apologize that he did not mean to discriminate against cross and hopes that she accepts his public apology Tyler caliber in uptown Waterloo
A woman couldn’t get her hair cut at a barbershop and is alleging it was gender discrimination. The barber disagrees. CTV Kitchener’s Tyler Calver reports.

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