Woman given death sentence for blasphemy leaves Pakistan

Woman given death sentence for blasphemy leaves Pakistan
Woman given death sentence for blasphemy leaves Pakistan
We’Re watching the big story, that’s broken, who was exonerated? He has been reunited with her family for two daughters are already living in this country back in January after she was exonerated by protest does this morning and she is tracking all the details for us five months. I guess nearly Allura, since the Canadian government offered her Asylum here. What more do we know about her reported arrival details as yet hello, a speaking to multiple media Outlets, to say that she has now arrived in Canada and a family member, also confirming that she had lift Pakistani yesterday to come to Canada. This, as you say, has been in the making we have reached out to glue says to confirm this payment also also trying to confirm this news that I see a baby has arrived here with still waiting to hear back from Global Affairs on that. But let me take you back to November. That’S when Justin Trudeau, the prime minister, is he that the government choking with Pakistan about a way to get a c. A baby out of Pakistan potentially bring her to Canada. But at the time he said there was a delicate to Mystic contacts in terms of what was happening in Pakistan. We were saying violent protest at that point in time. Conviction was overturned, but he said also that he wanted to remind people that candidate was welcoming country. That was the first time that should be coming here, but in fact, in February of this year we were here in the Asia baby with blocks from leaving the country. She was being held in a safe location, apparently for her own safety there, but doing Chevelle this morning reporting that diplomats said she wasn’t allowed to complete paperwork that would let it out of the country until apparently, now that same German media outlet has spoken to a Family member and they told Georgia ballot that Canadian authorities are going to be keeping her family under tight security here and baby will not be speaking to the media. That’S apparently for her own safety Heather. This is a woman who is on death row because we’re going to be revisiting any details of this story today, I’m sure, but why was this case so controversial in Pakistan Etsy that she drink from a cop in this is, of course she is a Christian woman And a muslim-majority country and the Muslim women she was working with sadon. She hadn’t received the cop that she must convert to Islam if they were going to be able to drink the same water insulted the prophet Muhammad and that’s where this entire case of steam. From that argument, over a cup of water back in 2010, she received a death sentence full that alleged insult by the course that conviction was overturned. Last and that’s when we saw these violent protests that shut down cities in Pakistan, people taking to the streets, eating things on fire and demanding that she be killed for having insulted Muhammad and for her conviction having been overturned for that was by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, and at that point in time, your husband appears to Canada, along with the UK and us to let their family come to Canada. It was good news for her daughter’s they arrive or the winter, and what we’ve seen from media reports that they’ve been living in? How to write for the past few months, one of them spoke to the mail on Sunday a few months ago and said she’d be nine years without hugging, her mother Heather, but now it looks like they’ve been reunited and getting that hug at last breaking story. This morning,
Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman who spent eight years on death row over false blasphemy charges, has left the country. Bibi was acquitted by the country’s top court six months ago. Her lawyer says she has left for Canada.

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