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it’s a very physical taking over all of your body wave and waves of cramping and pain the sweating shaking these women are describing something we don’t often hear about what it feels like to have an abortion lying down on the cop form was I shave me panicking and abortion laws in England mean some women are going through this in public there women being sick in taxi is leading on trains and buses that I hadn’t had somebody with me to make me get up I don’t really know what would have happened people should until is now the most common way for women to terminate the pregnancy Odeon the first tablet that women take in the clinic not to get the process going. So lit up 24 to 48 hours later by second type of medication and usually most women will pass the pregnancy within about 4 hours in England states that women have to take food within a hospital or clinic they didn’t make the journey begin what happened really quickly who had an abortion last year taxi home from the hospital after taking the pill that within minutes of gassing in the symptoms that started the same time I just really wanted to get home you’re very much feeling like something’s happening to you which you have no control over when you go into how quickly do things. This guy in between the taxi and the symptoms really starting not very physical and uncontrollable sense that was like a minute I didn’t quite make it sound to the I started kind of Rush and I’m being really unwell on the bathroom floor and then you kind of lose control of your bowel movement do you think about what could have happened in 5 minutes late in 5 minutes later all of her symptoms would have been happening on the floor at the taxi I would have been sick in the taxi I would have started bleeding in the taxi and I would have started losing control of my bowels in the taxi I Live 215 from hospital lives 15 minutes away from hospital just feel like it happened to somebody else 20 minutes into the journey on the cheap to hire my side to feel the effects of PayPal taking in Sodus feel nauseous sorry to swag sauce and then the pain was so extreme that hat I lay down on a bench in the cheap I basically just decided that I wasn’t going to move and he said that it was so painful I’m so white that to scream would have been to completely give into it and politicians around the country and now edging the house that could trade to follow is it doing women hair to take the second pill home with them we know that’s when women are allowed to take the second type of the home it is safe effective what about the current system punishing women is that how you see it I do feel it’s a strong word punishment but I don’t see how anyone who wants to improve the calf of women wouldn’t agree that this is the best sensible way to go forward how did you feel knowing that you were starting to partial pregnancy and you were in this hugely public place scads and exposed and it just thought you know maybe I was by unlocking to be in that small percentage of people that happens Within but if it happens then it does there’s no medical reason women have to take the pill in the clinic inside the World Health organisation men’s they take it at home where in Scotland were 6 months ago they changed the law to allow women to do this and they will 24-48 hours later to the tablets under the tongue we also make sure that women know what signs and symptoms might mean that they need to take medical advice but also one of the specialist nurses about some drain office are so they can phone if it go any worries women who able to choose this who in early pregnancy sr210 have chosen to take the treatments at home about size and women so that shows that it’s really popular option and that this is what women want to do we do wonder whether we might have more phone calls from women to our help flying we haven’t had our thoughts whole so that’s really reassuring that women feel that they are getting enough information we’ve also looked at the numbers of women who are coming back to our service went to the hospital with a complication and that’s really low and it’s not changed at all fools in women’s make two trips to the Kinect carries an even greater risk than passing a pregnancy on the way home those who struggle get to connect may break the law by buying pills and taking them elsewhere CaCO3 has what kind of ocean cast it said he is but now helps women here in Britain who want to buy pills over the Internet women alright online abortion pills absolutely no that’s the case so in a country where abortion is legal women are breaking the law absolutely abortions legal but is not accessible we think we are setting up services just hit women women women voting with a feat that going online to overall wrong what are the risks of buying pills online ID was in the pill and work has been done with this medication still at what you think you know what to do with this since Kate’s of is launched 18 months ago moving 2000 women have contacted her asking for pills and over the past three years drug enforcement officers have seized almost 10,000 set the heading toward dresses in Britain what reasons do women give you for wanting to buy the pills a lot of it is I’m a single parent or I’m a single mother on a good children to look after women I’m help saying you snooze Clinic hundred fifty miles away and they are difficult and additional visits even worse the second trip cause big problems for Lois you had to travel in bad weather with baby auctions in horrible thoughts in my head she didn’t have to wait an agonizing three weeks before finding out the abortion at work note to self what happened Alex Sensation I haven’t added to my family anyway since I need something that I now I’m saying that the during this is pleasant but the added pressure just made it for 4 hours to get around these difficulties now allow women to take both sets of pills on the same day even though this increases the risk of complications having a healthcare system which does not leak after women as a risky system and it is not for Now command used against the change you want to see if that they would encourage more women have abortions it would make abortion too easy abortion this is not DIY abortion care it’s just saying that we’re trusting them to take this in a place where they can be more comfortable and have more privacy and dignity it is not changing the regulation of abortion in it what difference would it make to you to be able to take the pills at home I would have been able to have everything that one needs no movement come to how old is about to paint it is you know I’d I didn’t have any of that I had to say on a moving train Lionheart wooden bench pick up that bite men in suits so this is the letter that I wrote to the health minister so goes 1 year ago I took the abortion pill with whales following Scotland’s lead it’s now only women in England to contact the pet at home putting pressure on the health secretary allowing home use of the pill for abortions would save the NHS money and save thousands of women like me from paying under stress you personally have the power there women on buses and taxis and cars going through what I went through the health Minister could change the overnights yet day-by-day more women are being put through that experience so that makes me angry very angry please listen to my experience so many women and take the simple actions other women in England’s do not have to face the same ordeal the Department of Health and Social care have told us and Claudia that they look me the evidence on this and monitoring the situation in Scotland watching women through this experience for no reason
Women in England are illegally taking abortion pills they have bought over the internet because they cannot get to clinics to take it, the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme has been told.
In England, women must take the pill at a hospital or clinic, before travelling home for the abortion process to begin.
But the effects can start within 30 minutes. One woman said she had started to pass her pregnancy in the taxi home.
The Department of Health said it was monitoring the evidence on home use.

Produced and reported by Jean Mackenzie
Filmed and directed by Sebastien Rabas
Edited by Stephen Bulfield

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