Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey resigns – BBC News

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Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey resigns – BBC News
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Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey resigns – BBC News
Estimate value goes. I may be no surprise because she was supposed to be one of those who was most documented it most unhappy with a p.m. at the cabinet. Yesterday, some suggested she go to the bed, she demanded the boat anyway. She has gone some of the reasons actually to Dominic Raab. She says in a resignation letter look, the deal, you’ll doing does not deliver on the referendum and she starts this. You are taking back control. Her physical Rob spare is that the banks don’t deal with Northern Ireland means we are out of control. We don’t have a grip on when we can leave this temporary Customs Arrangement and there is a danger. Note haven’t been treated separately, but why? What happens next? Well, it seems to me that all the brexit is not have to be looking at each other and thinking well, Dominic Rob is gone, I’m told there is now a conference call amongst members of the European research group. That’S the sort of Hardline brexit is fronted up by Jacob Riis. What do we do now and I suspect, top of the questions will be: do we press the nuclear button and stop firing in those letters to Graham Brady, the chairman of the country too? Demanding a vote of confidence, smart lot of them were having and hollering saying, I’m not sure it’s a good idea because I actually misses me could win and then that would strengthen the position now. However, maybe that’s fine, I’m exchange. Maybe they take that you actually hemorrhaging Minister’s, potentially maybe it’s game over. Maybe it isn’t I’m not to my until leadership challenge at the moment and the price of he is the head of the Tory backbenchers committee and he’s the one who empties have to send in the Lexus to saying we would rather like a leadership contest not in The past he’s always had no 18 % of the Parliamentary party and then till they get to that number. You can’t have a leadership come test and if they want to do it they can do it. Is she going to hang on or will she say I’ve done what I can do come so much harder. We already know. There’S a you know: she’d Groundswell Avanti’s. On the back benches about to deal the opposition party seem blind. Supposed to dupe allies. Unhappy remainers are unhappy. The one thing she seems have got was the cabinet. Now that was a big win last night and I think that was a few occasions. Don’T the cabinet, maybe she can get a bit of momentum going. Maybe she cancelled try to bring it back together with a cap beginning to fracture. Becomes really really hard. I mean my impression, Mrs May’s, pretty tough cookie. She won easily and I suspect her first instinct will be. You know Express regret that Dominic Rob has gone estimate value bluntly, doesn’t matter so much. The real worry is if Dominic robs resignation, then forces out key figures. Like sake example, if he was the walk, if you lose your Home Secretary, it just gets very, very difficult. Mrs. Meyers going to be in the Commons on her feet. She ran about 20 minutes time before you just wonder who is going to be sitting alongside her, be ready to sit alongside her, basically rowing behind her and send out the sort of visual message to the rest of the party that we all going to back. 2 p.m. actually absent
Esther McVey has just quit as the work and pensions secretary, saying the draft agreement “does not honour the referendum.

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