World Leaders Take ‘Class Photo’ At G-7 | MSNBC

World Leaders Take ‘Class Photo’ At G-7 | MSNBC
World Leaders Take ‘Class Photo’ At G-7 | MSNBC
Okay say this: is a family photo? What is going on here? The French President and his wife BFF, the president of the United States right there as they get together. So they had a surprise lunch yesterday. We’Re not sure exactly what was discussed, but we do know that there was a surprise visit that took place today from the Union foreign minister. It was a very brief visit. He sat down with the French president, for, I would say about lesson 2 hours and just moments ago, flew out of here, so we been waiting for this event and it is quite the lady was supposed to started about an hour ago. It is a traditional class picture there, the g7l, as well as some other countries, mainly African countries that have been invited, their body language between president Emmanuel macron so far, but it didn’t seem as if it had been as warm at least sell greeting as we’ve seen Yesterday so far as you can tell, they haven’t necessarily chatted with each other during this particular class photo. This is all we can do is just kind of read. The tea leaves and try to figure out. They’Ve been some sort of Riff that has taken place between the powerful men and women. It is quite an interesting seeing they’re watching all of them, Canadian president or prime minister right now, Justin, Trudeau, that he hosted the event last year, which was an unmitigated disaster. President Trump left that G7 Summit very early on and then not signed the agreement between all of the parties. Now this particular instant incident here we have, they decided not to do a communique which it had been traditional for so many G7 Summit tears as we continue to watch. These pictures live pictures from the south of France and you see Brigitte macron between President Trump and Emmanuel macron and Alan who’s. Watching all of this visit by the Iranian foreign minister and now we’re seeing the body language hear. What do you make of all that’s happening there? The G7 remember one of the other leaders really wanted to speak to President Trump, a lot of physical since between them other leaders. Speaking with each other, you know you don’t usually see that President Trump in a reach. His cheek out there for Brigitte macron to kiss was very uncomfortable for a moment. It seems to be pleading with birth to show some affection. She did that, but very uncomfortable. Look among those world leaders, I think, with the Iranian official coming in there. It’S a reminder that at this point that are on which has been isolated from the rest of the world for so long that Ron is somehow welcome by this group of leaders are released by the French president to be in this place. At a time in the United States has been pushing away from the rest of the world leaders until call Ron Mount really unofficial part of this process. The Iran nuclear deal having fallen apart, the tension between the United States and Iran, Iran growing you’ve, got the rest of the Western World, perhaps a little bit more open to the idea that it can make a deal with it, fit open to the idea that I Can make deals with the United States? It’S really a stunning turnaround in just a few years to be communicating with each other fairly good terms. Right now you see the president speaking with Emmanuel macron Over the last minute, or so they’re Jordan by their wives, meet chance at all that the US delegation did not know that this top Iranian Diplomat would be there. It sounded from the reaction like this was a surprise to the United States that they were not expecting second visit at all banks of the Atlantic Ocean right next to me, the Light Tower, as you can see, right there and they are planning to have an extended Dinner and continue their meetings right there. We don’t expect to hear from the president anytime soon I do want to bring in right now. Team that’s been following. All of this are NBC’s. Hallie Jackson is joining us from the nearby City Sunday Angelo. I also want to bring in Ambassador Christopher Hill who’s, been watching all of this MSNBC diplomacy, expert and former ambassador he’s currently a professor at the University of Denver and now sent into White House this for the hill and just a reminder. As we look at those pictures, we don’t have control over the live images there and it does appear as if the pool cameras have gone away. At least for now. You saw the the family photo play out right. There we’ve been waiting for it for quite some time and we have the surprise visit earlier today. What’S your take traditionally CDs class photos of the end of stomach like that at some point, these kinds of stomach – and I think that is what you expected to see the president interacting there with Emmanuel macron, is interesting because able to make progress, hear that he’s working To make progress on an issue that he’s been working on president’s advisors, who are concerned about the fact that there was not more advanced notice given to them site itself, as we take another look here at that class picture would have been just in the last couple Of moments you can see Prime Minister of Japan, Shinto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well MSNBC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list, as he lots of other great videos?
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World Leaders Take ‘Class Photo’ At G-7 | MSNBC

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