Writing new words for 'My degree is not her level', Phuong Thanh shared: for anyone who is misunderstanding me, I still love respect

Over the past few days, the song “The degree of not-so-good girl” from a Vietnamese song Hoa Loi has really become a cult phenomenon with dozens, hundreds of cover songs appearing on all fronts. However, soon after the Vietnamese version of the word was popular, there were many conflicting opinions, saying that “My degree is not her”, which caused the audience to completely misunderstand the spirit and philosophy of Buddhism.

Most recently, Phuong Thanh singer has released the song “Please save her yourself”, which she considers as a version “My degree is not her” in accordance with the dharma and compassionate spirit, the exhaust of the Buddha. She also first experienced this song.

Please save yourself – Phuong Thanh.


“Please save her yourself” – Phuong Thanh.

Hello Phuong Thanh, what are the chances for you to write the song “Please save yourself”?

The song “Please save her yourself” is based on the original music of the song “My degree is not her”, causing fever over the past few days, was told by Master Thich Dong Hoang to match the spirit of the Dharma. . As a singer, also a Buddhist, I feel that I have a great responsibility to spread what is right before the words that have the wrong part of the Dharma. The new song was completed at 11pm yesterday, I rushed into the studio to make it immediately so that the song came out in time.

The newly re-created lyrics will have something different from the Vietnamese lyrics that are causing “storms” all over today’s social networks?

This lyrics are the words and ideas of the Dharma, carefully compiled by the teachers, so the spirit of compassion and wisdom is conveyed intact, not distorted or distorted, fully expressed enough majesty of Dharma. The lyrics are like a scene of the world turning its head to the shore, an intellectual lamp – “light yourself up”.

While the old part of the lyrics came from a Chinese animated film, directed people to “bare pink karma”, away from the dharma. But it should be pointed out that these are real phenomena, still exist in the unstable faithful who still have nostalgia with the red roses. But I still think that the lyrics like this should not spread anymore, especially for young people, the age is not really mature and mature in thinking.

Write new words for my degree not to her level, Phuong Thanh shares: with anyone who is misunderstanding I still love respect - Photo 2.

Phuong Thanh singer and profound views revolve around the song “My degree is not her”.

Why do you think “My degree is not her” can be so hot?

Everyone’s life is entangled in love, I have been. Worldly separation, suffering was too much, all because not yet enlightened. So, the part of the lyrics that said “hit the black heart” of many people, are us, who still day and night can not stop the paragraph with bare pink, but that is the people. Moreover, the music is also really addictive, easy to spread. Indeed, there are some individuals who wear tu robes, but secular love still does not break, leading to the story in the song is understandable. That proves that the worldly karma of the world is still very heavy.

Do you think we are too strict with this motif? Even “Love story Lan and Diep” is also built with some similarities?

Even the famous Lan and Diep love stories in the history of Vietnamese theater, in my opinion, I still do wrong with the dharma, making the audience misunderstand the Buddhist philosophy. Very many of us mistakenly believe that going to the monastery to avoid the misery of life, falling in love also going to monks, having too big problems in life and going to monks, not loving people also “threatening” to go to the temple They went to the monastery with a sad mood, not serene, to find a place to escape from everything in the world.

But that is contrary to the philosophy of the Buddha, but because of the spirit of compassion, generosity, the pagoda’s door is always open to all sentient beings, irrespective of being a coward, class, origin. Practitioners must be happy, peaceful, live in mindfulness from body to soul, because they have chosen to go on the path of liberation and enlightenment, so with the true spirit and mind of the cultivators Buddha.

And finally, do you object to the song “My degree is not her”?

I know the spread of the song is currently very large, but I still keep my point of view: we do not have the right to object or not to object, only “enlightened” or not “enlightened” only. This song is not intended to force anyone to change their minds, because I know it’s impossible to change the opinion of the crowd.

For those who are still misunderstanding, I still love and respect, do not speak lightly. For those who are entangled in the love affair unfinished, if I have any affection, I also see the song as a medium of transportation, bringing them back to their senses. I just did the right thing, which my heart told me, as well as the honor – the responsibility of a Buddhist. I just want to say the right views, true to the philosophy of religion and beliefs, to put together on the edge of wisdom, do not “return” but “keep the shirt”.

Thank you very much for your sincere sharing.

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