WWI armistice centennial: how has Macron marked the centenary?

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WWI armistice centennial: how has Macron marked the centenary?
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WWI armistice centennial: how has Macron marked the centenary?
France 24 Live International Affairs. Editor home in Georgian is with a say on. A settlement is clearly a very big day for France, a big day for the French President. What are icons, objectives and his vision for a WhatsApp, a mistake. Well, I’m glad we start with hey it’s been, you know, he’s had this week-long itinerary at paying tribute to the memory of of the fallen troops and various key symbolic play is in northern France and he kind of combined that with a political trip as well, because He was also trying to sort of explain some of the things that he’s done at two ordinary French fat people. Since he came into power that side of things didn’t go quite so smoothly. He was taking a side by in a factory worker pension, other people, someone said you’re, not welcome here, so it was actually a low. It was meant to be very carefully orchestrated kind of symbolically Infuse trip at several days. It wasn’t a huge and I didn’t go quite as as as well as perhaps it could have done on the political front, I’m on the memory front. Well, of course, he did pretty much what you would expect the president to do. He went to the landmarks. He met the British prime minister on the song, just something to say about today. There isn’t a specific military parade, as I understand that which is being a small control vasi. I suppose we could say in France, because actually in National Day on July 14th, 19 19 – that was a Victory Parade, be at least he wants to do, is emphasized peace, not Victory, and that has there are a few certain voices on the far right which have Criticized the scene says he doesn’t want to celebrate. Victory he’s insulting the memory of the Palou. You know that the world will one French soldiers, but actually a lot of other people. Don’T find it so shocking, because the way people in history known schools is that it was an absolutely normal sacrificing a lot of people, don’t really know ultimately, War full and said the kind of futility of it was very much how I was told this subject in School in Britain, for example, utilities came came up again and also when you think about reconciliation. You know me too, and Helmut Kohl held hands the done more than 50 years ago. I think so, even on that very the most potent assembling. Why will one hit already became not so much a symbol of Victory, but a symbol of reconciliation between France and Germany in the 1980s? What is celebrated head is peace rather than Victory, and, of course, as we’ve been saying that these 70-plus will lead, as it is a bit of a coup for my car to have all of them that it’s, actually, I think, 98 guests and 72 will lead, is Coming to power and some of those lead Nations which themselves suffered very heavy losses in a rush of the British Empire Federal in Paris on this day, rather than commemorating the losses in their home country. So that I think is already says something.
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