‘Xanax’ linked to more than 200 deaths – BBC News

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‘Xanax’ linked to more than 200 deaths – BBC News
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‘Xanax’ linked to more than 200 deaths – BBC News
It’S a tranquilizer prescription drug which is used to treat anxiety, but instead counterfeit versions are being abused across the UK, died. Xanax Alprazolam benzodiazepines, edible on private prescriptions, but unsafe counterfeits are available on the so-called dark web. Exclusive figure seen by this program show at least 35. That’S involved: Alprazolam was an accident going well between 2015 and 2018 are 126 fatality involving a drug June 2015 and 2017. Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland, 3des willing to Xanax drug stats last year have 25 % of those who believe evolve. Xanax and I kept begging him to listen the problem with him. I told the whole story of 20 year old car Ramsay’s life he’s family, say the computer science student didn’t appear to be a regular drug. Take her but don’t belong to them. He was getting counterfeit. Xanax online he’s one of 21 people who died in England having used drug in 27. Cities are all open to every single child everywhere they just go on the web, and then you left the day before Kyle died. Had a conversation. Is it they’re not watching that worried mom is it., You know they’re not working. Please accept my mommy here. In an hour I tried to bring it back over and over. He didn’t answer when’s the next enters the blood. It slows the brain down counterfeit versions of often laced with other substances, including sometimes fentanyl, a painkiller 50 times more powerful than heroin FeFe go to Wild the side effects of Xanax. He wants use the drug with Kyle. Anyway. It’S a mistake that a lot of young people, including your friend Kyle, may I mean when you look back, is there anything that you think that could have been done to save Kyle went into? Maybe stopping me since then.. That’S a hard question cuz. I don’t know because I didn’t know how much he was doing it and how regular enough that time, I fast on it. I’Ve never seen him. Do it around me since and if he was doing it, he didn’t make me aware that he was taking it. What Sarah says her son’s death is a tragic tale, but an important lesson when it comes to the dangers of the dark web, and there is no shortage of edited dealers on the internet. Capitalizing on demand. Give me the shows, for the first time with the authorities. Are up against in places here like a Belfast and across the UK when it comes to tackling the misuse of Xanax between January 2016 and December 2018, 340,000 counterfeit Xanax bars as they honored with a street value of a 1 million pound with sees that ports and Airports across the UK, but of the possible drug test, I have 25 % of those who believe about Xanax play. One has a better insight into the growing use of illegal prescription drugs and detective Chief Inspector David Henderson he’s in charge of investigating drug gangs in Belfast. Pentatonix on the biggest of those changes was 30,000 tablets on the 118 tablet, 100 * team that we recorded in 2018, 25 % of those it was on its present at the same fisa. The manufacturer of Xanax, are concerned about the availability of counterfeit version. Are the 80 mm pills ordered online have been prevented from entering the UK from India alone at the last 2 years, it’s early afternoon in Belfast, and it’s not long before we see how much for problem aynax has become play the original, but it’s a dangerous risk. Patrick and his friends have been willing to take before turning to Xanax and all the drugs. The twenty-four-year-old return meds used to work full time in a mental health hospital. What what do you want again? What again side street nearby is another homeless man struggling with his addiction to the class C drug? When is the last time high on Xanax to dissolve, and then your system 22 year old Andy is dependent on Xanax. Despite the rest, he says he takes after 20 pills a day next Friday guide, I’m by Sunday at 12 to turn off the machine. But on Sunday morning I woke up the Department of Health has told us they are concerned because almost all Xanax tablets available in Northern Ireland or illicit they going to say they can be a real risk of Overdose to anyone who takes them. But the problem with can drugs is much bigger than Xanax. A really powerful medicines are legitimate. Benzodiazepines needs a diazepam inside the UK’s medicines regulator. Wearhouse, a thousands of boxes containing benzodiazepine sold on the various brand names, but often obtained illegally without prescription is really really concerning and in tragic consequences is very important for us to get the message out that don’t buy from unregulated sources in Scotland, the police and government Tell us they are aware of Xanax and I’m monitoring its misuse. Nhs grampian in Aberdeen recorded 29 deaths in 2017 compared to just 11 the year before, but back in Belfast Xanax. Is it just being abused on the streets and balanced? I can’t remember what happened. I was told days off to prison officers in the hospital and years in prison using Xanax he’s wake up cocaine last year when you overdosed on heroin, but for many it’s a struggle, a habit hard to kick illegally obtained drugs like Xanax or costing lives in this City and across the UK, I’ve been I’ve been on the programs that go to the beach
At least 204 deaths have been linked to the misuse of anxiety drug Xanax in the UK since 2015, figures seen by the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme reveal.
Help and Advice is available: http://www.bbc.co.uk/actionline

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