Yellow vest movement: Paris police fire tear gas at protesters – BBC News

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Yellow vest movement: Paris police fire tear gas at protesters – BBC News
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Yellow vest movement: Paris police fire tear gas at protesters – BBC News
These are the live pictures of the original yellow vest movement. It began as a protest about fuel tax Rises. This week the government, the prime minister, announced that it would suspend that plan increase, which was January, 8th naam, the last. The protest does not appear to dissipated and in expectation of trouble. This weekend, please come over like 19,000 offices across the country and the interior Minister spoke yesterday all day the prices haven’t created a monster when I’m old, so it seems the authorities knowing Tony she’ll. They know how to control. You can see that the used boats of tear gas grenades and, As we soar the last week and stunk rights as well, trying to protest of acetic acid the preferred option at this stage. These places said they don’t look Vana, but it is a question for the police is Portageville containing them. In the thing they always fear on the streets of Paris Empire a resonance in French history really since the revolution back in 1789 and again through the Paris protests. 1970S history, Piper risk of of people being able to take control of the city is no question of that lost. We can call the police and particularly worried about the course is what they see as extremist infiltrating the movement. This is moving that has no real leaders. Who can I structure? It’S been able to mobilize quite effectively, don’t leech to use of social media., Randolph Liana cases involved in some of the protest. Far-Right campaign is involved in some of the protesters as well as, however, I very solid 40 people describe is being in the middle on a lot of issues who felt very motivated and angry about those attacks. Rises on the perception of President macron is be more interested in using the tax on the wealthy Audrey French people. Now that’s a political debate will be taking up in Dateline funeral News Channel about 20 minutes time for who’s in Paris. You Schofield couple of times into 3,000 people, I would say out here on the champs-elysees and they are the real hot in a cooler of the of the movement separate from the mass of people who support animal Pacific Way, they would say: there’s a representative of the Movie test is covering their mouths, is they try and get away from what I see you, and I cannot see what this says to Gatsby deployed by Rock. Please again: it’s about keeping the numbers spread out and keeping people moving North create possible sorts of unrest, signs and slogans. Chesterton come together, some anti-government feeling. A lot feeling seems to be running quite high in France, at the moment., Just in Paris itself between various approaches. Quizlet the controversy earlier in the week, but I go to school children website for offsetting being ordered by place to get down on their knees and have their hands behind their head among police officers. Cool making a cracking remark about what a well-behaved I’ve been excessive Behavior by the police they tournaments turn. Others argued that this was because adults and try to infiltrate that protest during their best to prevent the situation getting out of hand whatever will
Police in Paris have fired tear gas on protesters as a fourth weekend of anti-government protests turned violent.

Up to 5,000 demonstrators have gathered in the city centre, and at least 272 people have been arrested.

Some 8,000 officers and 12 armoured vehicles have been deployed in Paris alone, and nearly 90,000 in the country as a whole.

The “yellow vest” movement opposed fuel tax rises but ministers say it’s been hijacked by “ultra-violent” protesters.

Last week, hundreds of people were arrested and scores injured in violence in Paris – some of the worst street clashes in the French capital for decades.

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