Yellow Vests: Is the symbol spreading across Europe? – BBC News

Yellow Vests: Is the symbol spreading across Europe? – BBC News
A lot of people feel that the liberal democratic system is failing them. There was nothing to do with. You would be good and it was supposed to something else. Protest resembling Frances, yellow vest movement have spread across Europe from Belgium to Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands. The concerns that are at the heart of this movement are also concerns in many other countries. It’S an easy identifiable symbol. A little bit like the Guy Fawkes mask a Frances. Actually is obligatory to have in your car, so everybody has Harvest like that, while they may look the same, how do we know that parts of the same movement as a French counterparts for one thing, who’s running the show this movements don’t have a clear, strong leadership Structure or an organ station that kind of binds these people together by social media, to not have clear their moms or have so many demands that it becomes almost empty and that there is no clear meta-narrative. That binds is fragmented issues and amounts together. And that makes it very easy for the extreme rides, for example the fascists, as well as a kind of more radical left to go up to these movements. How does the symbol of a French movement Smoke by Fuel taxes become adopted by British people? I’M heading to brexit the nteu sentiments that are part of the yellow vests also has to do with the kind of populist moments that we live in where conflict is articulated. Between. nnnnn out-of-touch Elite, The Optimist, 50008 crisis house in many ways that led to the Olympic coming more richer inequality rising and order me people having to pay the price for that and still feeds in enormous sense of indignation. Still haven’t held. It might be the case that we need to wait what will happen with brexit in this country, to kind of see whether some people will appropriates the symbolism of the yellow jackets
Demonstrations in France by a ‘Yellow Vest’ group over recent weeks have dominated headlines, but similar protests, with the same symbol, have been seen in countries like Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands and in the UK.

LSE Professor of Politics and Communication Bart Cammaerts discusses this new trend, its motivations and possible future.

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