‘You get to watch the sausage getting made’

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‘You get to watch the sausage getting made’
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Toronto Star City Hall reporter Jennifer Port Provence eventually created the city created the city of Toronto acts and as a said we are a creature at the conference we don’t have any powers to supersede what Ford is doing the ability to change the war change the makeup of the City by changing the word that if it changes by the council from your observations cover instead of council is it as dysfunctional as Doug Ford says it is they’re often times where City Council meetings go on for much longer than the average person would think they need to their lots of times with a few stand up and they do speak really watch the sausage getting made as they stay and some people think that there really is no sense in in cutting Council because there’s so many important issues sometime you can get them on the phone and that’s not so what do you think’s going to happen now when you have fewer counselors and maybe some legal form it’s not clear if that’s even possible they had to close a a pretty late night meeting last night for coming back on Monday so we’ll find out what kind of legal challenge they might like to launch and whether the majority it seems like there aren’t many legal it sounds like decisions in a saving of 25 million dollars over four years what’s wrong with that and I wonder 25 million dollars over four years what’s funny $5000000 in the larger scheme of things operating budget for instance it’s wrong city council board Expecting The Hobbit ability to contact your counselor ability to get your issue solved they have much smaller constituency under a provincial and federal writing system most of those War challenge for them only the rich has been loudest voices are going to be able to access those Representatives now so there may be a cost savings but I think you also leave something there may be an additional cost to doing that so you would have to see what they would decide about truck repair Clara City Hall reporter for the Toronto Star could speak with you this morning Jennifer thanks for this
Toronto City Hall reporter Jennifer Pagliaro weighs in on Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s controversial plan to slash city councillors nearly in half.

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