‘Zero chance’ Green MP will reopen the abortion debate, says Green Party

‘Zero chance’ Green MP will reopen the abortion debate, says Green Party
‘Zero chance’ Green MP will reopen the abortion debate, says Green Party
Welcome back to Power & politics earlier, in the show we played my power lunch with green party leader Elizabeth May part of the interview included a discussion of her personal as well as her party’s position on the issue of abortion. Take a listen. What is your personal view on work? A woman has a right to a safe legal abortion. I’Ve never wavered in that position. Since I was like eight years old and when I heard my mother arguing with people about the issue, a woman has a right to a safe legal abortion. What would you do as leader of your party if a backbend green NC came forward and wanted to introduce a private member’s bill that reopen the debate? It’S a difficult question, because green party policy as leader my job description, is spokesperson, so I could talk to them. I could try to dissuade them. I could say it would be unfortunate. We work the consensus is green, so a measure of a private member’s Bill. We would all discuss it as a caucus. We try to talk people out of something, but I don’t have the power Vogt power to silence an MP and, frankly, I think that’s a good thing, because democracy will be healthier when constituents know, but their empty works for them and not for the party later. So you would Sanders here with you right and end, so you would not that you would not ban the introduction of any type of Bill, even if it does reopen a debate on a socially controversial issue under our values. I don’t have the power to do that. Interview with Miss me last week and Publishing online article about at this afternoon, the green party then issued this statement. Writing it is and has always being the green party of Canada’s policy that all women, let’s have timely access to Safe legal abortions. A little eater does not have the power to whip votes. All green party members of parliament must endorse the green party’s values, including a Firm support of a woman’s right to choose. There is zero chance. The party goes on to say, unelected preventive of our party will ever reopen the abortion debate. This is because, during our candidate vetting process, we ensure that all candidates wholeheartedly agree that the abortion debate is closed in Canada and who disagree are not allowed to run. It is an extremely rare occurrence that the Green Party, Canada’s Federal Council, has disqualified candidates in the past because of anti abortion views it’s time for the power panel. Let’S get their views in Toronto. Melissa landsman of Hill & Knowlton strategies, minister, is with us from Montreal. Here with me and Studio, the cbc’s Jon-Paul Tasker hi everybody. The weeks before I fly between primarily the Liberals and the conservatives where Andrew Scheer was at a funeral reaction to her the statement that came out a few hours later. She said she supports abortion. Deeply religious background also comes from a world where she thinks parliamentarian should have their own too much power centered in the prime minister’s office was too much power on MP to be whipped. She’S been banging on about this, rightfully so, perhaps for many years that MP should be empowered to make their own fishing, so she’s, really tough. You know stuck in a really hard spot where she might believe one thing, but she wants to have to have the power to make their own decisions when it comes to these sort of things, but this all adds to the NDP Playbook. I think that’s really helps of the NDP presenter is basically a conservative who drives an electric vehicle, because this has been a common refrain from a lot of progressive parties in years past the green party’s, not as Progressive as you might think it is, let’s not forget She promised to balance the books last time he or her campaign the platform right now, it’s a lot of details about cutting red tape, but how to make it easier for small businesses to start up. There was also some controversy in the past about the party’s stance on divorce some activists. Today I saw some NDP activists tweeting an old policy position, but it was kind of seemingly glean from a men’s rights organization had to remove that in 2011 and 2015 from their platform. So there’s a long history of progressive people trying to paint the green party as yeah. You might like them on the environment, but there’s a whole lot more, don’t even know just yet, and I was seeing NDP MPS all over Twitter and Facebook at your story. Facebook in your story and saying: look if you want to vote for a party that believes in a woman’s right to choose. You have to go with us, because Lizbeth me on this is that fast she says: Brad will get you to weigh in on this. Is this the sort of great moment for the ndp’s at that JP is describing, and she is saying that works for the statement that came out later said that they’ve met their candidate, but anybody who is Auntie abortion isn’t allowed to come forward that we think quite Well., I mean shoot. She does want to see more free votes or Freedom by members of parliament, but in Progressive Canadians. You may think that in some cases, that could be great, but when it comes to human rights, when it comes to something so important, like women’s rights or marriage, equality, don’t want members of parliament to speak freely. They want them to uphold those fundamental and, if Elizabeth May is open to that, and that is actually also concerning where she said. I think that’s a good thing that I cannot ensure that members of parliament under the green party Banner stand up for women’s right to choose was a great thing, but that’s a problem. That’S a problem when you’re dealing with things like human rights, that’s a fundamental problem where you know we wouldn’t have many rights that that have been hard-fought and gained and in trying to lure if we left it up to free votes of individuals who claimed that they Are basing it on the idea that I’m speaking on behalf of my constituents, so this is not just the first the pattern she says, one of her in British Columbia, leader of the Green Party, they’re very concerned about her her principles dead on on on oil and Pipeline in this election Progressive need to give the green party a really hard look. They are no longer a progressive option, upcoming election, leaving that that that that’s whole Space to jug meet sings, NDP. There’S. If you conservatives want to try something new. The greens look like a really nice, but if you’re a progressive, Canadian and hold things that climate change man writes dear to your heart, then there’s only one option: this campaign: that’s the NDP Melissa, what her personal views are actually not sure even from from her history. In terms of what he views on what you said on your show, this is a play for votes on the progressives, and it’s nothing more than that because, right now we have all four major parties committed to not open it reopening the debate in whatever way, that Is they’ve all of the party leaders said they’re not interested in reopening this debate in Canada, so we can have it as long as we want, but again that this is the speak to actually the strategy in the lack of strategy with the green party. This is the big leagues now and it’s important that the party actually tell the leader of the green party what their policy is rather than coming correct the record afterwards, and they did it rather quickly. But there’s going to be a lot of this in this campaign, and Elizabeth May has to show that she’s ready for the big leagues and for a big campaign without these kinds of Errors. Ylan. What do you think the issue is Andrew Scheer of really fumbled and struggled with it after being out Prince of his side, start candidate and come back a week or now a couple weeks ago, and it was for a reason, because it’s a fundamental issue for Canadians And and come back to pick a little late at fundamental and if he struggled on that, not because it’s Elizabeth May in the green party does that change. And if you have to walk back your statement. Your interview, where your quote, seen her being very clear with the fact that you won’t intervene and you would allow it by trying to say it’s a conditional now entry point for any candidate. It just makes the point that this is problematic. I mean this may has been at leader of the party since 2006 election 2011. Until this point, it’s really been more so of a struggle being heard as a part of making space I should say, but going into this campaign, we’ve seen it before it’s. Actually, I’m called that the green party has really been on it words, slope with gaining support. Even in by-elections – and I think, she’s discovering now that that does change things, the questions that she would have in her party would have gotten away with or where not pay attention to and in previous elections during times. She will now have to answer that. That’S the flip side of being now, if you want to stay in that a big player, but under the same scrutiny as all the other parties have been and will to see how her and her party with all of their candidates will respond to that. Because a lot of people that have not previously considered voting for the Queen’s are seriously considering it, considering it and actually putting your ex next to the green candidate named while there’s a few days of campaigning to dinner. I think this is a warning for hers. In terms of understanding that you know it’s not going to be a campaign like the others, they’re going to really have to be a clear, especially in fundamental issues like abortion, who voted against the long gun registry. The NDP gave him the boot Elizabeth made. Let him into the green party nice at as a green MP, for the remainder of the last Parliament before this president was elected, so she doesn’t shy away from these characters who hold Divergent views. If I’m not, but then the fact that the statement comes out, you know a few hours later to say: actually they can’t believe what they want. You can make those kind of risky gambles and taking a member of parliament like Bruce Hyer, Batman against Progressive voters. Obviously, back and support and we’re upset when Stephen Harper dismantled it, but now, when you’re at 10 %, when you’re tied with the NDP in British Columbia, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, you have to make a whole different sort of calculate. Now. If you’re going to pick up some of those people who peeled off from the liberals who peeled off from the NDP you better sit, have the same policy positions on some really fundamental things like abortion momentum, she lost a huge opportunity in, in this interview to say The ostensibly the conservatives and liberals in the NDP are all the same on climate change and we’re the only ones that can get it. They can get it done that didn’t come through and when pee are our internet issue or are saying that that’s their number. One issue: that’s her sweet spot, and this is not where she is today. 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Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says elected members of her party won’t be prevented from trying to reopen the debate on abortion in the next Parliament. But within hours of May’s remarks becoming public, the party issued a statement insisting that there is “zero chance” of an elected Green MP reopening the abortion debate.
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