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what is Emerson my language of the governing zanu-pf policy has been declared the winner in Monday’s presidential election by the narrowest of margins just under 51% of the vote to avoid a runoff 44% Fort Nelson Chamisa of the opposition movement for Democratic change Alliance the NDC let mr. Chamisa rejected the results said his party would be challenging them in Africa from Harare after the ways in which the country was plunged into crisis at last the moment of decision what Emison bamboozle of zanu-pf party I’m more than half the number of votes cast in the presidential election there for language of party is there for you declared elected president of the Republic of Zimbabwe with effects from the 3rd of August 2018 Robert Mugabe last November witnessing a new and founding fathers his victory is the combination of 50 years of activism and political maneuvering for the nicknamed the crocodile patient and ruthless to those characteristics describe you using hey my brother what hours before tonight’s announcement the man he has defeated kinds of mr. monongah at stolen the election and people know that the victory declaration won’t end the polarization that’s defense so dramatically in the last days this was the normally bustling Center of Harare soldiers who the Open Fire cuz yesterday warned people to go home it’s an apprehensive place it’s a city whose streets don’t belong to the people today but two men with buttons on gums we came across a standoff with police at opposition headquarters they arrested several people the face of a prisoner but they wanted more still in the building or the building find me a warrant and more arrest the faces their own story about Zimbabwe politics today it was a very different seen the Manzano supporters in Rolla Missouri confidently expecting the victory of Edie Managua we were born incentive and inventive and I was supposed to the end the president has his victory and his back for the might of the state but he will rule a deeply divided nation Burger King bbcnews Harari Electro commission but no Celebration by taking place here on the streets of Harare is his quiet they still at military and police presence on the street following are those classes that led to the death of six people earlier this week the Electoral commission that took a long time to declare this picture some free days reasons behind masks the fact that they were 23 presidential hopefuls the highest number that they’ve ever as seen of 19 men and four women all having presidential Ambitions was part of the reason why they would the word delays and releasing those they said that that the counting of those results and the verification took at what a lot longer than it normally would have and also they were waiting for all of that involved parties legal Representatives to verify and say that they are satisfied with the results but that was not the case that in the early hours of this morning as we sat and waited for the Electoral commission to release those results members of the opposition move for Democratic change stormed in and said that they believed that this election had been stolen and that they will go to court and they there was a response from party agents of the accounting zanu-pf party telling how to get out of the venue saying that they need to go back to the headquarters and also calling on police to arrest those people because they say that the is no evidence to prove that the selection was stolen very volatile situation with the supporters of Nelson Chamisa do we know if there are any negotiations taking place between him Nelson Chamisa and Anderson early on this week after the skirmishes between the soldiers and protesters of supporting the movement for Democratic change we heard that the president had been in discussions with the Nelson let me start calling on him to talk to his supporters and to remain calm and wait for the outcome of the result but the opposition is saying that it is going to go to court we don’t know at this stage if they are fresh locations that are taking place in light of the fact that you’re the president Emmerson mnangagwa one by very slender margin
Zimbabwe’s opposition leader has dismissed “unverified fake results” after President Emmerson Mnangagwa was declared winner of the first election since the ousting of Robert Mugabe.

Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Alliance party vowed to launch a legal challenge, saying the vote was rigged.

Mr Mnangagwa has urged Zimbabweans to unite behind his presidency.

Troops are patrolling the streets of the capital Harare after protests on Wednesday left six people dead.

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