Zimbabwe holds first election in the post-Robert Mugabe era

Zimbabwe is holding its first election in the post Robert Mugabe era many see this as a step for the country to move in a New Direction after nearly 40 Years of dictatorship Katie Simpson joins me now from London good morning Katie it’s scene Mugabe still has something to say about today’s both and the big question is whether anyone is still listening of Voters lined up well before sunrise in Harare waiting for hours for their opportunity to in this election that will be different and in some of the voters that have been speaking with reporters as they waited in those line say they are desperate for change there are devastating unemployment rates in Zimbabwe that the economy is not in good shape whatsoever at and so there is this desperation for new leadership at least from some of the voters speaking with reporters and there is there is a hope that perhaps this vote can lead to some form of change that will give the people are particularly young people in the country a step forward but as you mentioned Robert Mugabe he is still trying to influence whatever use whatever influence he may still have and he actually called a news conference on the eve of the election to try and discredit at anyone who was involved in his ouster from office have a listen Tamika don’t camisa is the opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and this race is expected to be closed between the incumbent. The man who replaced mr. Mugabe when there was the bloodless coup back in November we know that he’s perceived to be the front-runner Emerson and Magog way he’s perceived to be the front-runner he was part of the leadership that moved in after Mugabe was forced out of office and in that new conference we saw Robert Mugabe try to discredit his former party as well as give some sort of endorsement I to the opposition leader so I will see if that that that endorsement has any sort of impact on the boat but again one thing two open mind a candidate has to get 50% support that’s not expected on this ballot so there could be a runoff in September
Zimbabweans on Monday were voting peacefully in their first election without Robert Mugabe on the ballot. About 5.5 million people were registered to vote in this southern African nation anxious for change after economic and political paralysis during the nearly four-decade rule of 94-year-old Mugabe.

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