Zimbabwe: Opposition leader Chamisa calls Zimbabwe election ‘fraudulent’ – BBC News

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Zimbabwe: Opposition leader Chamisa calls Zimbabwe election ‘fraudulent’ – BBC News
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execution intimidation infect just yesterday our offices were invaded we don’t know for what reason cause they wanted to take some information the reason why I probably want to take information from us because they want try and destroy the evidence that we have in terms of our part of what the tabulation which was collected across the whole country unfortunately so they did not take everything we already have that information I’m just going to be very useful for the velocity of what we have in the account of them having participated we are not in Malaysia we’re not a military organization we’re Democratic organization we do not believe in violence we do not believe in Anarchy we do not believe in use of weapons of war against anyone and this is why we fight it’s very difficult thank you we are getting for being pissy then thank you we are getting for being law-abiding is it thank you thank you thank you thank you is a thank-you of tanks on the street clearly indicating that our colleagues inside of here citizens one going about things and this is a very serious issue we have to take a nap with the government and of course to take it to International platform so I guess you don’t give bullets tanks gone to those who voted for you you give celebration in Jubilation but if you go around the country you find that there’s no Jubilation there’s no celebration today money morning / democracy it is a black day because we’re seeing a repeat of what we saw during the Jim of people Swift original the will of the people manipulating bus that dies in the outcome of the election trying to negate what people fight against the will of the people very peaceful I want to thank Zimbabwe for the application I want to thank Zimbabwe’s for being tolerant you stood in the accused you waited for the longtime professionals young people women thank you them badly you have done fantastically well it’s not easy on the circumstances of rigging circumstances of my imagination with manage to score over 2 million votes even by their own bus the title with done exceptionally well thank you you exceptional you are teaching the world what it is supposed what that it is possible to be Democratic we want to thank you as we go through this very difficult time you have shown that you are able to show us the possibility of another world if that’s all we’re in this election thank you very much we appreciate thank you we want to thank you for what you have done yes there’s been a disappointment reports that would wants to level or computer anything just for free and free and fair election are evidently absent and this is why this particular Moment In Time we’re fixing if you trade Nation we are facing a divided people and we also facing a brutalize people and this is why I think it’s important that in the context of this Barbie look for commission declaration and is having won the 2022 presidential election yesterday is such a regrettable decision 1 by the end of this Alliance presidential candidate and we won the election in vertically we have our ready to give those who want to see the tally with engaged we want to give them the talus but of course they actually miss laid tonight in mr. Cummings weight into announcing the result something that we do not know we’re supposed to have the verification of the statistics that verification Diamond Kitchen and of course in cahoots with Sophia and we take this as a serious issue in the dead of the night when will it having people being beaten up in the deplorable yeah and they said that it was going to be able to rescue his life unfortunately we have nothing to do with that we deploy violent this is why we have encouraged citizens anywhere in college in citizen to make sure that your account to make sure that you’re maintaining peace but to remain Vigilant to protect your phone and continue to engage in terms of the direction that we’re going to take the cake doctor has been a misunderstanding not characterize this election are the presidential results is fraudulent illegal and characterized by serious credibility caps and some serious legitimacy issues we must place it on record without equivocation. We won this election because we want this election subject protecting then we love the people of the people is not in the Declaration by to Goomba the will of the people is not in the Declaration by Zach the will of the people is in the Declaration by the voter polling station where people voted in. owner owner something that is not invoice like the Declaration that was done but you can stick to negate and 95 that is it for what it is and what all the Nissan I might say also the bottom of an electric in acceptable election result. If nothing to do with the people in terms of the law and in terms of their will symptoms of an election in the result is a function of the Integrity of the result itself and the transparency of the process you always around the process we raise issues around outcome and we continue to raise this issue where raises in the context of sorry it in the context of we’re going to be challenging and number of electrons results with someone that are members of parliament report illegal practices to make sure that we get the logical conclusion we actually go election some of the problems that we have seen the legal Sims political and diplomatic and data expressed that we protect the will of the people we have the capacity and that capacity is going to grow that we want if he’s actually planning to be born again in terms of democracy on the Block pledge for a free and fair election and the Beast and reject accepting the result that is not in favor of him he knows the results you go to report of the result in the election on Monday you must be honest and you must just accept to give way to the New Order the people voted for this young man to do his job which I was elected by the people of Zimbabwe to do corrupted results which I meant two disadvantage of the nation but Advantage a particular Elite that 6 to submit the will of the people the business of accountability this business of making election result in this current time we know that all call David problems in the past but have anywhere to go to court with so much everything just to show how this election was rich in fact I did not do a good job actually inflated which was by Coast equals an ounce mint open tracks accompanied by pulling officers on the police and that everything is going to be provided appropriate videos exposed we’re Nazi and North Temple as you know we have had problems with Zack we just proved to be OPEC parties and arrogant and conflicted in favor of The Hidden Hand operated post Which Way investigative report offset incredible of The Venetian machinations by Zach Advantage when he didn’t even advantage of that song again. This is not work and this is why we managed to beat him in an election information provided by itself is actually personable you know that they announce the results invited for example whether to change a phone if in Leprechaun challenge with what happened in the newspapers reported by their own paper 200 10554 people on Election Day post we the final results we now he being an ounce of 480 3423 I can tell you that they are very very very and this is why we wanted to make sure that we do the final final tally verification which is what happened in the last hour of waiting between 6 and 7 p.m. of the voting day and then one wonder what this is all about but also be exposed you have seen one supposed to do things that are proper what you’re hearing is an accusation on the NBC align the last time I checked with no to be the commander-in-chief of the military in the infant the outgoing government the outgoing president when I got to make sure that you own on those who killed innocent fetty fetty Holy Ghost amen thank you very much and this is why I just want to buy the Ordinary People was each time we vote in the constituencies 23 equals equals level result where are MPS did not do well because of Ricky and overwhelming denoted by most of the mission supposed to be we know the results we did the time there’s no reason why he’s been doing this affecting just yesterday and this is why I had to do something that is uncharacteristic of him if we’re not happy this will end this right is going to be there soon we are going to Subway or unconstitutional we don’t want Violet we don’t accept violet violin on Spotify on people running away from a legitimate election what’s being announced to members of the press enter the country is very clear that the law requires that all results of an election did verify by the address before there is outside basic not willing to corporate not understanding that this election is about that issue that’s not what she wants or what she is being whispered in the air by setting of the members when we know working with you go by and other to try and submit this election we have that evidence as in when it is required it wouldn’t show 56% by the evidence they have I feel 12% night giving you a night result when it’s night they want to give you a Darkness result not the result that you voted for the second one police officer Cadet you know I suck with my brother 23 forms Webheads to see more votes than registered did you end up massaging into amazing the result beyond the limits of what is known in what is coma Ziggy’s no to putting an 85% 10 out for the Brazilian 10% with a spoiled what didn’t happen to those but consistent appreciate in terms of the election we are not accepting results we are not accepting this fiction we one day properties out today announced we will pursue legal and constitutional to make sure that we protect the people’s what the people have brought it there cheated the people have one they are submitting that we and will not accept you remember to The Liberation do not you said power Do not sit on the throne of power without those wind power the citizen they do not believe in you I Believe in Us Kevin send us with all the consoles with Miss significant you know what is out in there is a result which causes every problem we have why we’re going to make sure that we pursue all legal and constitutional a break with the past move away from the old ways of winning the election Operations Museum we have them just have a lot of capacity to do so but we do not and will never we do not believe in violence with Sado instruments instruments of peace this is why we put his faith in the elections in peaceful demonstrations this is why we are born violent demonstration we saw some few days ago
Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa called Zimbabwe’s election result, which President Emmerson Mnangagwa won with 50.8% of the vote, “fraudulent, illegal, and illegitimate” during a press conference that was delayed by riot police in the capital Harare.

Speaking to journalists at the Bronte Hotel, the MDC Alliance party leader reiterated his allegation that the election “rigged”.

“Mr Mnangagwa did not win the election in this country … we won this election emphatically,” he said.

“We won this election and we are ready to form the next government.”

He also referred to the riot police disrupting the event.

“This is not the behaviour of people who had won, it is behaviour of people who had lost.”

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