Taylor Swift joins Travis Kelce in celebration as the Chiefs secure their spot in the Super Bowl

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Swifties, are you ready for this?

On Sunday in Baltimore, the Kansas City Chiefs clinched their place in the Super Bowl for the second consecutive year, and Taylor Swift was there to celebrate with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

Following the CBS-aired game, Swift was captured on the field, sharing embraces and kisses with Kelce, who played a pivotal role in the Chiefs’ victory over the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship playoff game.

Throughout the game, Swift watched from a suite at M&T Bank Stadium alongside her friend Keleigh Teller, the wife of actor Miles Teller, and model Cara Delevingne. The trio was featured on multiple occasions during the broadcast.

This playoff game marked Swift’s twelfth attendance at a Chiefs game to support Kelce since her first appearance at Arrowhead Stadium in September.

While it’s certain that the Chiefs will be heading to Las Vegas on February 11 for the NFL’s grandest event of the year, Swift has not publicly confirmed her attendance.

Scheduled to perform four “Eras Tour” concerts in Tokyo starting on February 7, Swift’s final show on that leg is set for February 10, beginning at 6 p.m. local time, according to ticketing sites. Considering Swift’s shows typically run about three hours, factoring in the 17-hour time difference between Tokyo and Las Vegas, and the approximately 12-hour flight between the two locations, the logistics present a bit of a challenge.

But here’s the twist in this intriguing SAT math problem: it might not be too far-fetched to imagine Swift gracing the sidelines of the Super Bowl.

Indeed, it’s a touchdown-worthy story.

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